About 360 SpaceA

Journey to Space..

Humans Have Dreamt of looking earth from outer space, and with advanced technology curiosity in humans increasing day by day. To fulfill this dream many scientists, government and private organizations had started to make space exploration possible to normal people with scientific background. Business Tycoon like Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson already started their own space tourism companies but due to various levels of training and spaceflight cost have sum-up into a huge price for travel. Billionaires around the world have already shown interest and some of them have even travelled and return to earth successfully.

Journey to Space..

With news of Elon musk SpaceX advanced technology of taking humans in space and returning to earth gave an idea of making space tourism to middle class people and to make this possible. Anand Bansode started reading many articles and started searching ways to make it possible and founded 360 SpaceA in 2019. To make 360 Space A a global company in space tourism he done marketing agreement with USA based company. Anand and his expert marketing team launching various Space Tour Program which will be affordable for middle class people.

Journey to Space..

Many people have dream of space exploration but they are unable to fulfil their dream because of cost associated with this. Anand Bansode who is also one of the common dreamer who has been doing space activities since childhood. to fulfil his dream he overcome all difficulties in life and reached on top of the world Mount Everest in 2012. His dream and exploration of earth kept him going and he started 360 Explorer LLP to make adventure tourism possible to many people. In 2019, he has taken step to fulfill his dream of Space Tourism and launched 360 Space-A

Anand Bansode : Founder

"There should be limitless imagination of human exploration" Anand says. Mr. Anand Bansode is top entrepreneur of India who climbed many top mountains including Mount Everest. He has done his education in Physics dreaming to connect ADVENTURE+ PHYSICS + TOURISM. 360 Space-A is a connection and satisfy his all abilities of traveling+ adventure+ physics.
One of his company - 360 Explorer LLP recognized by START-UP INDIA. He is serial entrepreneur in Space Tourism (360 SpaceA), Adventure Tourism (360 Explorer LLP), Digital Marketing (360 Digital Infinity). Founder and CEO, Anand Bansode being a life coach plays a major role in these business model. Anand Bansode who has received many awards since 2012 and selected by GODADDY as “Top 25 hustlers of India”.

Akshaya Bansode : Co-Founder

She holds Master in Science degree in Physics from S. P. Pune University. She is a Board member of 360 Group of Companies. Her expertise in Physics and Business will transform the economical aspect in company as well as Scientific knowledge will be game-changing in the field of space Tourism. She is expert in Marketing and operations.

What Business Tycoons said on Space Tourism

“There’s room for 20 space companies to take people up there,” Branson said in an interview this week. “The more spaceships we can build, the more we can bring the price down and the more we’ll be able to satisfy demand and that will happen over the years to come.”
Sir Richard Branson
British Entrepreneur
Jeff Bezos travelled in space and after return his first words were. "A very happy group of people in this capsule".
Jeff Bezos
Executive Chairman of Amazon
Even Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors said that space business tourism will depend on the cost effectiveness of space flight and claimed that his company is doing R&D to reduce space flight cost and his Exact words are: “I’m highly confident it would be less than $10 million,” Musk said.
Elon Musk
CEO Tesla Motors